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Businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to improve customer service while keeping costs down. With technology backed chatbots to the aid, that desire just got more achievable than ever. One of our core skills is to develop custom chatbot development solutions powered by AI, Machine Learning technologies, and NLP. Chatbot solutions have widespread applications in sales, marketing campaigns, and business intelligence. You will be surprised by how much insight chatbot based technologies can provide you about your own products and services.

Chatbots – Your Best Friend

Why does your business need Chatbot?

  • With bots, you can trim down your Live Chat and other CRM teams
  • A bot is capable of interacting with iOS, web and Android users. This helps you save more as you will no longer need to spend on apps for different platforms
  • Bots can display links, images, and CTA buttons
  • Bots are backed by Artificial Intelligence. This makes interacting with them closest to a human experience
  • With bots, it is easier to foster direct interaction between brands and customers
  • Bots are a great marketing tool. They can push messages through Telegram and Facebook messenger
  • B2B business apps often face customer retention problems. Making a bot can be useful as it offers real-time interactions 24×7 and is not limited by the location or time-zone of your customers

Intelligence in Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The human mind is unique and it guides the way we process information and ask questions. As amazing as this fact is, it becomes a challenge for Artificial Intelligence alone to give the customer a customized experience. There are infinite ways in which a user can produce a statement to express an emotion. Even if we limit our work to business queries, there are still hundreds of ways a query can be generated.

This is where the role of machine learning consulting and Natural Language Processing (NLP) comes into play. NLP, assists in making a connection between the incoming queries from a human being and producing a system generated response. The response can vary from a simple answer to an action-based execution or even suggestive action options.