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Are you searching for the perfect property in Dubai? With thousands of options across this vibrant city, the process can be overwhelming. Introducing, Dubai's first AI-powered property finder developed by Floges. Kyna combines smart technology and real estate expertise to match you with suitable properties in just a few clicks.

Based on your criteria, Kyna will instantly generate personalized results through our advanced AI algorithms. As you shortlist or reject properties, Kyna adapts to better understand your preferences.

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Innovation in Real Estate Industry

Powerful & Unique Features

Streamline your property search with Kyna's suite of powerful features:

  • Flexibility to Find Properties - Kyna provides an innovative and flexible way to find properties quickly.
  • Get Answers - Don't understand something about the Dubai real estate market? Ask our AI chatbot your questions and get clear, helpful explanations.
  • Contact Agents Directly - See an interesting listing? Message the agent right from their listing to learn more or schedule a viewing.
  • Estimate Future Value - Unsure if a property is a good investment? Our AI can analyze market trends to predict how its value may chang.e over time

Start Your Property Search With Kyna

An AI Assistant For Home & Commercial Buyers

Kyna becomes your personal AI assistant, learning as you search to refine results and recommend suitable off-market properties from our extensive database. Let Kyna's algorithms do the heavy lifting so you can focus on identifying your dream home.

Kyna combines comprehensive Dubai-wide listings with smart technology to make finding the perfect home faster and easier. Our AI-powered platform reduces legwork, so you can go from property search to homeowner with ease.

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